As if it wasn’t enough to covet the wonderful wardrobes of tastemakers around the world, the genius team over at The Coveteur had to make us 10x more envious by showcasing the stellar office spaces of these movers and shakers of the fashion world.

The motive behind the collaboration was to give our readers a behind the scenes look into the offices and careers of some of the most interesting and influential women in fashion – all viewed through our edited lens, and in partnership with our favorite online destination Who What Wear.

Suffering major doses of office envy in the AM is no way to start the day, but on the bright side, if these fine ladies (co-founders of WhoWhatWear, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr) can do it, I’m sure one day I’ll live the dream of being my own boss and have a beautiful office to boot! For the time being, I’ll just have to deal with the reality of having an ugly cubby, keep calm and slog on.

You’ll find the original article (and more pretty pictures) here.
You’ll find the brain child behind this piece over at The Coveteur.