We wined and dined and danced till our feet all but fell off (and were given bedroom slippers by the incredibly thoughtful staff at the Four Seasons). It was a wedding to remember, and quite a riot.

A couple of things for successful weddings:
1. Wine and dine your guests – well-fed folks are the happiest ones, and when they’re drunk, they 10x more likely to get down on the dance floor.
2. Keep a really unbeatable best man handy. He’ll swoop in and come to the rescue and solve any situation, leaving the bride and groom free for the festivities. He also delivered the best man’s speech of the century! KUDOS TO MAX. Best Man EVER.
3. A killer playlist and a band that plays the favourites. The crowd will be movin’ movin’
4. If you want guests to dress according to the code, make sure they understand it! Generic things like “semi-formal” really aren’t clear enough when fashion is so fluid. Grace made quick work of it with a simple SMS: “it’s Anthropologie-themed” which had us girls rolling in decked out in sunny floral frocks.
5. Have fun friends, and make sure you have fun with them! It’s always the best part.

p.s Don’t sweat the small stuff. What’s done is done, just make sure you enjoy it!

That’s all from me friends, hope you all had a blast over the weekend, and have a happy week ahead!