These weekends are filled with weddings it seems. Just this last Saturday, we were invited to witness the wedding of my dear friend Daniel, to his beautiful (drop dead gorgeous and stunning) bride Tania.

It was an intimate affair held in Tania’s home, in the presence of family and a few very close friends. We felt so lucky to be able to share and celebrate the occasion with them, especially since the bride and groom were intent on keeping it small.

Weddings like these make me the happiest, to see the bride and groom fully engrossed in each other on the wedding day (instead of running around harassed trying to settle their guests) is a true (and rare) privilege. DT&T’s wedding really revolved around the couple, it was about the joining of their lives and the coming together of family and close friends to celebrate that very wondrous thing.

I do hope that when it’s my turn, I will be as fortunate as they were to celebrate surrounded by loved ones and friends, with such a sweet and sincere affair.