Of late, I’ve ended up in rather unexpected places on Friday evenings – quaint little cafes having coffee with good friends, charming restaurants with a close-knit group for company, bars tucked away in quieter corners of our little island. Gone are the days of crazy late nights at the Butter Factory (my shoes, skin, and bank account rejoice!) spent dancing into the wee hours of the morning and blistering my feet beyond repair. These are the times when I’m grateful for being older – when friends no longer equate a wild night out to a good night out, and the times when we are happiest are spent catching up over a bottle of vino.

ReStore’s an interesting little concept, a vintage furniture store that specializes in giving old pieces a new fresh look, they also offer a range of coffees, home made bagels, and the most delightful little earl grey sugar cookies. Nestled between bridal boutiques, they’re located just a stone’s throw away from the central business district – perfect spot for a mid afternoon escape from the office. All thanks to Miss Jo Joy for this lovely little discovery!

On an entirely unrelated note, how cute are these poochiekins!!?! Why are they so big? Make them stop growing at once!

124 Tanjong Pagar Road
(Closed on Mondays)

The latest in a line of places to open up at Duxton Hill, Buyan boasts expensive champagne (very, very expensive champagne), fine Russian caviar, and a pretty extensive list of Russian vodkas. I have a feeling my brother Alex, and friend Marc Iserlis would very much enjoy sampling their way through the selection. It really isn’t the kind of place you’d find me at on a regular basis  (a tad too atas for my liking), but it was nice to have a look-see.

9/10 Duxton Hill

The Merry Men / Kith Cafe

Now The Merry Men, I’m a big fan of. Run by Jared’s cousin and a couple of partners, it’s got that laid back vibe that we’re all always on the lookout for in Singapore. The drinks are well-priced (I’d go as far as to say it’s on the cheap side for a river-front drinking establishment), the crew is incredibly friendly (two thumbs up for service), and the ambiance is very, very chill. High ceilings, exposed beams, hanging lights, and a huge DIY wall decal makes this place somewhat reminiscent of a more upscale college joint. I like.

They’re located a wee walk away from Kith Cafe – another great hide out for a late afternoon coffee before you head over to The Merry Men for an early evening tipple.

The Merry Men
86 Robertson Quay