I’m on a boat. I’m bloated. And other bits of a weekend well spent.

There’s a lot to be said about those lovely lazy weekends where you plan on doing nothing in particular but something surprising always comes up and makes it amazing.

We spent Saturday evening in the company of some delightful folk on Jo’s sampan, catching up over a couple of brewskies, taking a tour of the islands off Singapore and watching every Singaporean son fly helicopters round the nation in preparation for N’day. I’m not one for patriotic outpourings, but I must say that I am thankful for all the fathers, brothers and sons who sacrifice two good years of their lives in an attempt to keep our shores safe. Like it or not, it is a noble endeavour, and one we should all be grateful for.

Traipsed to Tiong Bahru on Sunday in hopes of getting a caffeine fix at 40 hands, but unfortunately the little coffee joint was packed to the brim so we found ourselves at the Tiong Bahru market where we were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere (breezy, bright, not overly crowded, and hallelujah! not smelly). Replaced coffee with a healthy serving of tau kwar pok, siew yoke and sugarcane. The area around Tiong Bahru is really quite charming with its low-rise flats and ample space along the shaded walkways where children play and cats nap. I bet one of those old walk ups would make for an inviting home with a little love and a bit of a fix up.

All in all I ate too much, laughed too hard, and made it that much harder to roll into work on this mediocre Monday.