By Amanda

Where I go: San Francisco

In my opinion, best city on the west coast. Think of it as a small scale New York with infinitely better weather. The traffic isn’t nearly as bad as New York or LA so you can cover a lot of ground even if you’re there just for President’s Day weekend. What’s great about it is how well you can get around if you don’t drive. The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) is super efficient and can get you to almost anywhere you need to go. 

Wearing: Whatever fits. The six hour road trip up with five people and luggage crammed into a sedan ensures that none of us has room for more than a backpack of things. So I make do with a thick pair of tights, some long sleeve shirts for layering and my trusty thick black hoodie.

Reading: Maps maps and more maps. Of the google genre of course so that makes it a lot easier.

Watching: The scenery we drive past along the Interstate 280, if you don’t know what this is check the maps icon on your iPhones; the golden gate bridge pass over me as I stick my head out of the sunroof while we’re on it; the speedometer and radar detector to make sure we don’t get a ticket the bankrupt state loves giving out.

Eating: EVERYTHING. First stop, epic Zi Cha from Yuet Lee in SF’s Chinatown. The beef with scrambled eggs there is the best I’ve had, that plus the pork ribs and walnut shrimp…. Maybe it’s because I’m deprived of good Chinese food in LA or maybe Yuet Lee secretly puts crack in their dishes but we could not get enough!

Next, gelato from Marco Polo, (all these restaurants can be yelped for the exact address) but once again I don’t think I’ve had better gelato in my life. Maybe in Italy but I’d say this is as good as it gets in America. They have exotic flavors like durian and red bean along with the regulars. My favorite was the chocolate (of course I usually always end up getting chocolate no matter how many other flavors I taste test) it was slightly sticky/chewy however you describe it. Absolute heaven.

Spring rolls at Slanted Door along fisherman’s wharf are amazing as well, you might not think spring rolls could be 8 dollars worth of good but these were.

Toting: My trusty blue leather Marc by Marc sling bag. Fits everything I need for exploring Fogcity, and it’s hardy as well. Scarf, dslr, chapstick, ipod for our long drives, and sunglasses, because we are in California after all.

Trotting: around in my Limi Feu blue suede boots, east coasters might argue that it’s not cold enough to be wearing boots but my LA ass will jump at any opportunity to whip these babies out and not look completely foolish. That means any temperature below 16 degrees Celsius and thankfully San Francisco fits the bill perfectly.

Loving: The farmer’s market in Palo Alto every Sunday; so much food and so many little knick-knacks to buy. The fruits they sell are picked fresh and all Cali-grown and the sorbet that they make from those fruits is delectable.

Odds & ends: If you’re driving and are up for the challenge, head up to Lombard Street, famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of tight hairpin turns. Make sure whoever’s driving is skilled enough though; it’s a pretty fun ride down.

Where I sleep: On the floor in my friend’s apartment, a USC drop out who joined a start-up company up here in Palo Alto, the website he’s helping to run,, is full of all sorts of awesome things, go check it out. We had a personal tour of the Pinterest office on President’s Day when the rest of the team was off, think something along the lines of Mark Zukerberg and the Napster guy in coding in that house before Facebook really took off in The Social Network.

Happy Summer!