The family trait you’ll find most prominent among the female members of our clan is our insatiable desire to collect and keep things from books to dishes to furniture to dusty old ballet shoes to clothing too tiny to wear to old essays written in school days and moldy photographs… I suppose you could call it packrat syndrome. If you wiki packrat, it says: getting into everything from attics to car engines, stealing their ‘treasures’…They are particularly fond of shiny objects (very true of the ladies in my family). They can also be quite vocal and boisterous (this is astoundingly on target). If that doesn’t sound like my family I’m not sure what else would come close! Anyway, this penchant for keeping just about everything we come across means that when it comes to party time, we have plenty around the house to play with!

As requested, we’ve put together a post on the set up of my Dad’s birthday bash this year, and C has graciously agreed to co-write with me. So click away for more of her thoughts on that spectacular day

“Having torn my ACL, injured my  MCL and inflamed my meniscus, I have had an uncharacteristically large amount of time on my hands to ponder, consider and deliberate. 

AND…..I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with “hedonism, lavishness and the worship of foreign and exotic things“. In fact, I can hardly think of a more worthy pursuit. So much so that I’ve decided to adopt it as my very own personal motto and exercised this when I planned a surprise birthday party for my husband recently.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t love and enjoy all the planning, decorating, shopping, catering/cooking and general excitement that surrounds throwing a party, but foremost on my list of “to dos” is the simple belief that each party has to be imbued with meaning and personal significance of the very person you are celebrating for.

My husband loves reading, and we both love collecting books. He argues I buy too many decorative pieces with no intrinsic value, except to clutter the place up, whilst I have a genuine passion for accumulating objets of art and live with a philosophy that More is indeed MORE.

Hence, it was an obvious choice to use the library of books we jointly own as well as incorporate the many absolutely beautiful things I have indulged in over the years. That way, our guests will get a glimpse of what we love (through the books on art, design, literature, history) 

and to prove my husband wrong; that my precious collection of decorative pieces (live birds and owls stuffed by Deyrolle, sourced during a visit to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen with my fellow flea market junkie and hairdresser Kim, kaleidoscope from KWID, vintage candelabras from my favourite antique shop in NYC, corals and tortoise shells carefully curated and hand-picked) all make for the perfect table setting.

So for the verdict, one week post party : 

 – Was my husband surprised….ABSOLUTELY!

 – Does he now appreciate my eye for acquiring luxurious collectibles…TOTALLY!!

 – Did our guests have a good time….CATEGORICALLY YES!!!

 – Did they enjoy perusing our books….COMPLETELY!!!!

I hereby hedonistically raise a glass of lavishly expensive champagne to the pursuit of all things luxurious and excessive!”

X Cindy

And that, my friends, is straight from the horse’s mouth. True style is born of inspiration, if you’re inspired, chances are you’ll find a way to make magic out of the things around you. Our home, as you can imagine by now, is filled with lots of queer collectibles that we’ve come to love to bits, sourced and saved from around the world by our very own queen of the packrats, and used in the most creative and innovative ways everyday.  I can’t wait to have a house of my own to call home, and in true packrat style, I will be packing off some of the treasures to my new nest!

Set up by C and her trusty sidekick, S
Pictures by Legs, P & me