It happened innocently enough – we didn’t go out of our way to go on a burger hunt – but in recent weeks these familiar favourites seem to be popping up more often than not on our meal list, so we thought why not? Let’s document our burger eating adventures. Thank goodness for technology (iphones and bbs armed with pretty fantastic cameras) and my penchant for taking a photo of everything before it disappears into the abyss that is my stomach, but I’ve got photo proof of some of the burgers around our little nation that I think are worth a try.

More burgers beyond!

First up, we got the big momma of a burger over at Foo House. If you like your burgers big, then this is the one for you. It’s got a monster patty that’s juicy and tender and apparently made with hand cut (vs ground) beef, a burger bun that is lightly toasted and doesn’t fall apart (this is a big plus point), a side of fries that are chunky and crisp, and optional toppings like a fried egg, bacon, etc. Chances are you won’t be able to walk after this meal, but the combination of thick juicy patty, runny burger juice, and melty cheese is pretty hard to resist.

It’s located near the ends of the earth at 6 Jalan Pari Burong, but it’s a burger that’s worth the trek.

Next up, we’ve got Soho 7. So unfortunately for us, the night we decided to pop by and check out Soho 7, they happened to run out of burger buns. Now I know you’re thinking, Alas! The horror! How can it be? A burger joint with no burger buns? Ohh the shame! Or something along those lines, but wait, backtrack, and let’s think about this, what is a burger? Essentially, it’s a sandwich – or at least that’s how it started out – a ground beef patty between 2 slices of bread with maybe some veggies thrown in for good measure. So now that we’ve got that clear, what’s wrong with trying a burger created as it was at the turn of the century? So we decided to give it a go, and can I just say? We were quite blown away.

This unassuming little burger joint on Armenian Street boasts one of the best burgers I’ve had in SG. Now some are bound to disagree with me, but this burger suited my medium-sized appetite to perfection. I had the bacon special with extra bacon – the patty was succulent, tasty and seasoned (and not overly oily like many patties tend to be), the homemade bbq sauce was pretty damn unbeatable, and it came with a healthy portion of greens which I really like. Another favourite? The Tex Mex burger with avocado and salsa.

36 Armenian Street, #01-08

In the area of Holland V/Ghim Moh we’ve got De Burg. This one was Nabil’s recommendation and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty good – you can customize just about anything on this burger.What’s great about this place is that it has a huuuuge selection of burgers with patties that come in all shapes and sizes (chicken, beef, crab, portobello), so even if you’re not a meat-eater, there will be something for you on the menu. The beef patties also come in a bunch of sizes (100, 150, 200gram patties) to suit the size of your appetite. You can add things (like a fried egg on top of your patty – which you absolutely should in spite of the sticky fingers), and subtract things till you get your ideal burger. Oh, and the fries are real yummy too! And all of this for less than $15!

The only thing is that it’s located in a coffee shop at Block 10 Ghim Moh Road, so don’t go dressed in jeans it’s way too warm.

Burger Shack is nothing new to the folks living in the BT area, and I know they got off to a rough start, but I do think that they’ve come a long way since opening day back in 2009. I stand by the fact that they do a decent burger, it’s nothing fancy but it certainly always hits the spot (or it hits mine at least). Perhaps it’s because I play it safe and always opt for the original, plain and simple, with a side of fries and soda. It’s true, the burgers are smaller than the standard fare that you would find elsewhere, but sometimes you don’t want to stuff yourself senseless. For those moments may I recommend the Burger Shack? They’re hand-sized burgers are just right for medium appetites. And beyond the burger, I really love the fries! I’m not entirely sure how to describe the seasoning other than it’s awesome possums and I could eat a boatload on my own. And best of all, this place is super bang for buck with a whole meal ringing in at under S$10.

#01-01 King’s Arcade, Bukit Timah Road

And of course, there are the burgers at Daniel Bouloud’s acclaimed eatery DB bistro moderne at the Sands. This baby featured here isn’t the famed Original DB burger, instead, it’s the Original’s lesser known (and by P’s standards, altogether tastier) little sister, Frenchie. She comes with a confit of pork belly, arugula, a delicious tomato-onion compote and melty morbier cheese. Definitely a delightful combination and priced considerably below her big brother. Though to be entirely honest? The thing that would most bring me back here would be their freshly made Madeleine’s. Little bursts of toasty warm goodness with just the right amount of sweetness. We had three baskets full!

Marina Bay Sands.