As much as I love brunching out in Singapore, there’s honestly nothing better than a good old fashioned homecooked meal with your loved ones. Lucky for me I’m from a family of folks who are decent in the kitchen, and even luckier for us is that we’re dating other halves who can hold their own as well 
What you tend to get during these sessions is a rather impressive spread of everyone’s specialties, and everyone eating to surfeited collapse (this term I openly admit to borrowing from Joycelyn of Kuidaore who I had the pleasure of finally meeting last weekend! She’s lovely, and you would never believe she’s such a foodie cos she’s so incredibly slim!!)
On the menu for that particular Saturday brunch:
1. Rachie’s homemade pancakes from scratch with banana and chocolate chunks
2. Alex’s omelettes many ways – blue cheese, cheddar, bacon, peppers
3. Ina Garten’s Grown Up Mac & Cheese
4. Cold cuts and extra bacon
5. Rachael Ray’s Grand Mimosas
We’re a little overdue for another round of homecooking so perhaps a burger night is in order – highly inspired by the yummilicious goodnessmaximus burger we had over at Soho 7 a couple of nights ago. You folks really should check it out if you get the chance.