Nabs was spot on about L’entrecote (as he is with most dining options in SG). You really do have to go have dinner there sometime soon. Order the foie gras (with onion confit!), and the pate (though next time I’ll opt for the escargot), and then have the walnut salad with a perfect serving of steak (brilliantly done) frites (shoe string fries are the way to go), and then if you can still find space within you, have the tarte tatin (whole apples, people, they bake whole apples), though I hear the profiteroles are simply TDF as well, and the lemon tart! Lemon tart is always a must. At this point, you’ll probably be so full you’ll have trouble breathing, your pants will be uncomfortably snug (polite way of saying you’re about to burst out of them) and (if you’re me) you’ll pass out in the cab on the way home (much to your dinner companion’s disgust). But it will all be very, very worth it.

Throw in some charming french proprietors who have an innate ability to host, lovely dinner companions (at the table across from us there was the most beautiful french chick, really, really, stunning and SO french, and so funny, and so warm and friendly that when she smiled at me …. Let’s just say I can’t decide if I want to be a french chick or if I want to switch teams and date one), understated but well appointed decor, and even I can ignore the tablecloths*.

36 Duxton Hill
6238 5700

Picture from The Honeycombers.

*I like my tables cloth-less. I’m intimidated by restaurants with tablecloths.