A Tay family tradition in the making.
Yet another Christmas on crack, and a very very merry one at that.

Not to go all roquefort on you folks, but the very best gift every Christmas is being able to spend it with all of you. As Lennon famously sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends,” and my oh my did you guys ever help me get by this year. It’s funny how it’s so true that bad news never has good timing, but the low lows make the highs so much higher, and folks like you make things so much more manageable than they otherwise would have been.

Every time we get together, I am reminded that

These are people you love, you’re happy to have been invited, and you’re looking forward to gorging, perhaps drinking too much, yelling across the table, laughing out loud. This is the spirit in which most of your guests will be arriving. They’re glad you’re cooking for them, and they’re rooting for you.
– Mark Bittman

So thank you all for rooting for me, in the kitchen and otherwise, for sticking by me quite literally in sickness and in health, through the bad times and the good. To all the friends, old and new, thanks for walking in (especially when it seemed like everything had walked out), I do hope you’ll stay for a good long while. You’re the very best gifts a girl could get. Merry Christmas folks, and I hope 2011 is filled with all the beautiful things that friendships bring.

And what did I learn this year?

Forget your fears, relax, and enjoy it. 
It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good

Resolution 2011.

xx ash

[all pictures courtesy of my brilliant brother]