(Ani’s) Indian wedding!

There is so much ceremony involved. Ani and Sneha had the usual dinners, receptions and luncheons, and then they had the sangeet (x2 one for each of them), the mehndi, the baarat (I’d attend Indian weddings just to do this again and again and again), and then of course there was their actual wedding ceremony (which lasts pretty much the entire afternoon into the wee hours of the night).

It’s all about the spectacle, the pomp and sparkle. I have never seen so much bling in one room! Ani being Ani (but also because he’s a boy) did not prepare us well when I asked him what to pack (“oh don’t worry, a couple of cocktail dresses should be fine” LIES – ladies, if you’re ever going for a big indian wedding, please break out all your best dresses, borrow a few more from your friends, and beg your mommas for their bling). Drea and I were perpetually under-dressed (something that I’m pretty sure has never happened to either of us in our entire lives!) throughout the 5 days of events – we will be much better prepared for (beri’s) big Indian wedding adventure which we all hope will happen soon.

But all in all, it was a very good time. Excellent food, fabulous parties and unbeatable company. I can’t wait to go back :) India’s where it’s at yo!

[pics courtesy of Drea]