And there’s a whole lot to be thankful for this year :) 

So there was no big bird this year (when you combine the madness of a monsoon wedding in Calcutta with a workload up to my eyeballs it makes it pretty much impossible to prep a turkey), instead there were 4 chickens (two at Cocotte and two at Sunday’s thanksgiving luncheon at home with the Boo Clan), a pork roast, some lamb stew, a little bit of green (pear+blue cheese salad), escargot (OMNOMNOM), anchovy tarts, some mussels and brussels, enough dessert to make Drea make that face, and some super duper good company and wonderful wine. And that’s all you really need isn’t it? Drea always says, all you need is food, love and laughter – and I’ve got all three in abundance, so thank you for that.

And now, onto Christmas!

All pictures courtesy of Drea