So many fabulous halloween photos. So very few that I can actually upload.

Insert sad face here.

Highlights from frightnight: 1. Annie’s homemade mummy costume – cheapest quickest halloween costume idea to date! Unfortunately it began unraveling before she got to the party (much to her boyfriend’s delight, he probably helped to speed the process along). 2. Jon’s homemade jello shots packed some kinda psycho punch 3. Pedobear finding prey within 10 seconds of arrival 4. Pedo’s prey actually being mistaken for a 12-year-old at the door 5. Mexican wrestler who managed to squeeze into my sister’s blue spandex (uhhh, sorry Legs, we’ll buy you a new pair) 6. Twitter, with real time tweets 7. Being called TOO OLD! for the first time folks :) :) :) 8. A super enthu crew that really dressed to impressed – so no bowties necessary. SAD FACE 9. A host with the most and 10. Tracy Phillips epic avatar outfit.

I ♥ halloween.
It might be my favourite holiday yet.

Better start dreaming up next year’s halloween theme :)

xx The Captains of The ♥ Boat

*It is evident that sometime during the night, both Drea and I quite literally abandoned ship. Note to future self – obstructive costumes need to be firmly adhered to person so as to avoid such events from recurring. So for the time being, Rubiks cube > The ♥ Boat.

**Also for next year – prizes for best dressed (in addition to punishment for those who come costumeless) since it seems no one dares show up sans outfit to these dos :) :) :) Planning nazi ftw!