Okay, so a Modern-Marrakech themed birthday party might not have been the best of costume party ideas, seeing as how we were setting ourselves up for failure and bound to descend into culturally insensitive territory, but it was done on a *drum roll* best effort basis (this is a line I’ve learnt from work – it comes in handy a lot, we like to throw it around and include it in all our engagements, so that if we screw up clients can’t yell at us. Generally a good line to live by, and it certainly sounds better than “I’ll try my best” which really means you won’t…)

We all turned up in an assortment of confused outfits, and upon entering in less than appropriate attire, Drea would bark at Dawn to turbanize us, which is why we all look like we’re wearing colourful bathtowels on our heads. That being said, we had a roaring good time, got plenty drunk on a new secret recipe punch (as lethal as what N calls my daterapelemonade – again with the politically incorrect terms), ate too much mutton curry and cous cous (I suppose it is sort of Moroccan), and proceeded to pass out on Drea’s sofa… Not too sure how the birthday girl felt about a bunch of listless overstuffed bodies populating her living room, but I had a damned good time :) Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest, and for making us play dress up for the second year running! You see how much we love you Miss Babar????

And should any of you ever require a prada-esque turban for a costume party, please feel free to contact Miss Dawn Tan.

pics courtesy of the Birthday Girl