Life’s a rut? Go perm your hair!

There is a lot to be said about makeovers, and their ability to just make you feel like a million bucks, even when (or especially when) everything else is in the crapper. This might be the new slogan for the mid-20s crisis we all seem to be facing in some form or another – seeing as how Dawn, Drea and I all got our hair permed within the past 2 months (for a variety of reasons – personal crisis, work crisis, or just plain bored), and Teo is seriously contemplating it from halfway around the world.

But I swear this isn’t all vanity and vapid behaviour – after all, one of the best ways to make good of a bad situation is to make something else better, and it doesn’t have to be something important. Clean a closet. Organize your photographs. Get your hair permed.

You can’t always change the situation you’re in, but I suppose you can always change your perspective of it. And sometimes all a girl needs is to feel good about herself, and things magically seem to get better! Or rather, your positive feelings sort of roll over onto the situation you’re in. So if doing something as inconsequential as perming your hair can do the trick, I don’t see why we all don’t buy into it more often.

So what works for you? Anyone else got quick-fix-pick-me-uppers to share?