Okay, they need to start organizing more of these mid-week-beach-party-things. Nevermind that you want to kill yourself when the alarm clock goes off at 7am the next morning, and nevermind that you can’t coordinate your tops and bottoms for work, and nevermind that your head feels like it’s wrapped in a layer of cotton wool…. The Mulberry Party was oh so worth it! Nabs finally got around to sharing the pictures of that random Wednesday night and it makes me want to do it again, do it again…

I didn’t think Alexa’s dj-ing was all that great, but she’s hella hot man. But one thing I really really loved – the playlist the models walked to. Addictive MAX! I’m still trying to track it down. So if you’ve got it, do share the awesomeness.

Anyway, have a great week folks. Hope this one works out a lot better than the last !!!

In completely unrelated news, you must check out this photographic survey of Russia taken 100 years ago. It will blow your mind!

[pics courtesy of cherrytoe & nabil]