In her attempt to help me be all fabulous, Legs typed out 25/50 tips on How to Burn Calories without Breaking a Sweat. Many of which I can do at my desk! So to the someone who asked me how to battle office bulge? Here you go! (I’ve highlighted the ones I like)


Mandydandy: 1. Take vitamin d, women who were deficient in it lost weight more slowly
Mandydandy: 2. Drink coffee, caffeine increases rate at which you burn calories
Mandydandy: 3. Sleep more, getting fewer than 4 hours of sleep over extended period of time slows metabolism
Mandydandy: K 4, 5 useless
Mandydandy: 6. Eat lightly and often (haha not possible)

ashlet: often can, lightly cannot.

Mandydandy: 7. Move briskly, like you’re late for a meeting.
Mandydandy: 8. Laugh
Mandydandy: 9. Eat breakfast
Mandydandy: 11. Low carb high fibre
Mandydandy: 13. FIDGET. You can burn up to 350 more calories a day than someone who remains stationary.

ashlet: fidgety people irritate me.

Mandydandy: 16. straighten up, good posture strengthens abs.
Mandydandy: 17. drink more (not alcohol)

ashlet: dammit.

Mandydandy: 20. chew gum
Mandydandy: 21. Switch sides when carrying baby of heavy bag, works more muscles.
Mandydandy: 30. Relax, stress causes body to release cortisol which causes more calories to be stored as fat
Mandydandy: 34. drink a few cups of strong green tea everyday. Boosts metabbolsm.
Mandydandy: 36. Spicy food
Mandydandy: 38. Eat salmon. Salmon eaters lost significantly more weight than beef eaters.

ashlet: dammit again. I feel like steak.

Mandydandy: Pop a pill, people taking supplements with glutamine after meals burned an averyage of 20 more calories than those taking placebo.

ashlet: what the hell is glutamine. Ok, nevermind, I gotta go find me some.

Mandydandy: Eat the peel of fruits and vegetables.

ashlet: yuck.

Mandydandy: 41. GET BUSY most couples burn an average of 300 calories while they’re having sex.

ashlet: Hahahahahahah. DAMMIT AGAIN.

Mandydandy: Go coconuts. People who replace oils and fats like animal fats with sunflower oil with those than contain medium chain fatty acids such as coconut oil lose more body fat
Mandydandy: Drinking oolong tea can increase metabolism by as much as 10percent

ashlet: so many liquids.

Mandydandy: Swing your arms.

ashlet: Hahahaha. Are you serious? I shall try this in the office.

Mandydandy: Snack when you drink, alcohol paves the way for overeating, snack before you go out for drinks.

ashlet: This one can do for sure. Already do. Doesn’t seem to stop the liquid calories though.

Mandydandy: Don’t forget dairy, lowfat dairy inhibits fats from being stored.
Mandydandy: K. That’s all folks.


Isn’t she the sweetest? Hee hee :)

Good luck with the Battle of the Bulge!