You know what makes an excellent Sunday? Booze, barbecues and best friends (in that order). And what was our excuse this time? The good ole’ Star Spangled Banner, not that we’re American or anything like that, but I suppose after living there for a few years you gotta pick up some (bad) habits. Like a penchant for pong, flip cup, battleships and other horrendously messy games involving solo cups, copious amounts of beer, and a lot of drunk folk. So if we couldn’t be in the USofA for The Fourth this year, we brought that grand old tradition here!

Thanks for coming folks!

Thanks for being great company, bringing your game face, and for not questioning what was in that punch drunk lemonade :)
It wouldn’t be a party without all of you.

P.S. Watch out boys, better get lots of practice in:
Boys v Girls FlipCup rematch on National Day.
We’re gonna take you to the cleaners, AGAIN.

Buggs & Midge. We’re getting better at this party throwing business…
At least we were still conscious at the end of this one :)