Oh yeah, this is Rosso. Say hello!

Another amazing Sunday spent on Sentosa at TBC (it replaced The good ol’ Shack about a month back). Brought to you by the same people behind The White Rabbit, Loof and Overeasy, it’s a really chill place where the drinks are good (if pricey), the music is great, and the folks are friendly (for the most part, it’s a little chichi but I guess that’s the direction they’re going in). They’re busy working out the kinks and stuff (the service is so-so, the restaurant isn’t open yet, they take reservations for their day beds), but if you’ve got good company and some sunblock you’re set.

Oh, and the best accessory on this stretch of sand isn’t the coolest shades or the skimpiest bikini or the chicest panama hat (though all those things are plus points), it’s the pooches. Bring one if you’ve got one!

[Tanjong Beach Club]