in lovely little pieces by All Dressed Up

Pleating, weaving, ruching & knotting is their forte – the details come sewn onto the clothes which helps fashion-challenged folk like me (I cannot pair accessories to save my life, it takes too long so I usually give up pretty early on). It helps that their clothes don’t break the bank, are very well made and are über comfy to boot. The silk camo-romper might be my favourite item at the moment, it has pockets! (have I never told you of my enduring love affair with clothes-with-pockets? Ahhh you must see my dresses-with-pockets collection, it’s in the mid-20s and steadily climbing) It is the perfect shade of camouflage green! (on trend for the season but not too trendy) And most important of all, it is a throw-and-GO outfit! (I abhor ensembles i.e. tops and bottoms, precisely because you have to assemble them – I have no patience for such things). Their Spring collections are always lovely.

I saved the dress (don’t you love the woven neckline?) for B’s grad so I’ll save those pictures for another post.

[All Dressed Up]