New found favourite way to spend the weekend: Cook-offs with friends :)

Top to bottom: The Spread. Joint effort Caprese Salad (fresh basil is the best herb in the world). Mushrooms stuffed with crack (secret ingredient: bacon). Dawn’s sumptuous-scavenger-pasta (i.e. made from whatever she could find lying around in the pantry. Secret ingredient: bacon). My prosciutto wrapped chicken with sage (prosciutto wrapped anything makes for something delicious! Secret ingredient: something very similar to bacon but better). Drea’s very photogenic fish Roasted salmon with lemon relish & raisins. The boys brought wine, great appetites and witty conversation.

I wish I could be like them and host dinner parties for a living.

P.S. Every time I have people over I promise myself that this time I will take pictures of my guests. But I fail. Distracted by fabulous food, great wine & witty conversation. I endeavour to try again next time.