I want to be Natalie Massenet

There were a lot of unimaginative private-equity people who said that women would never shop online, I think about those people a lot. I’m sure their wives are having Net-a-porter bags delivered to their homes every day.

She was the pregnant entrepreneur who launched an online business after the dotcom bubble had burst in spectacular fashion. But despite an inauspicious start which saw her crying every day for a year, Natalie Massenet is today celebrating her extraordinary success. She is the co-founder of Net-a-Porter (what many view as the first truly global luxury fashion brand), an online website that is now valued at £350million. Icing on the cake? The 43-year-old superwoman, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 2 has just sold her remaining share to Richemont group for an estimated £50million windfall…

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[Image courtesy of Jak&Jil]