You’re probably wondering about the deer. Well, located just a wee bit out of Kyoto is the little prefecture of Nara which is home to what must be the world’s smartest deer. Don’t believe me? Click on.

See what I mean? Deer that know how to cross at zebra-crossings!

Deer that know which human to pose for! So cuuuuute they are.

Deer that know which human to ignore :)

Okay, except maybe this fellow.

There were a bunch of Unesco world heritage sites (I think they even classify the deer as part of the world heritage site, weird huh? What would happen if they all decided to walk away one day? But then that’s why they’re clever I guess, they hang out there and have people fawn over them), but I didn’t pay too much attention as I was too distracted by the clever deer to care about dusty old monuments anyway.