One super special surprise was hand-delivered today.

A big SHOUT OUT & THANK YOU to these two wonderful little boys (and the gorgeous mamas who’ve trained them)! They’ve wormed their way into my heart and they’re here to stay :) Is it weird that I’m envious of their future girlfriends? Charming, generous, going-to-be-gorgeous (right now they’re just plain adorable) and with impeccable style to boot! But it’s okay, I’ll settle for being their cool, corrupting, crazy “auntie”*

Thanks for making my birthday so very very special, Z & E! You two are so very special to me too! Lots of love and kisses!!


(I promise you won’t get cooties from me)

*You know, the type that never allows you to call them auntie and manages to hook you up in all the right places and can still party all night long and looks freaking fabulous even after they’ve had kids. Yeah, I’m gonna be that kind of auntie.

So Z & E, you know who to look for in about, oh say, 10 years time!