Lately I find myself spending increasing amounts of time lying on the floor coaxing my dog into cooperating with my camera-whoring activities. I find that being around her makes all the bad things (yeah I know I sound like I’m about 5 years old) go away, quite simply the damn dog makes me happy – the whole pet-person satisfaction thing is extremely underrated, people don’t give them enough credit. I think it’s time for all of you out there to give your pooch (or cat or canary or smelly little terrapin) a pat on the back/beak/shell, just to let them know that their blind, unconditional, totally undeserving love is truly appreciated. Anyhoos, here’s the latest round of my ever patient pooch allowing me to indulge in cam-whoring activities that require her to sit still and chill – something she isn’t very good at but does anyway cos she loves me.

Pebbles | Saint P | Act cute | Pensive | I’m bored are we done yet?

If you’re unhappy I suggest you get a pet, they provide unconditional and unquestioning love even if you’re the biggest mofo on the face of the planet, I bet it’ll make you a better person.