Isn’t it funny how you can sort of become friends with people online without ever having met them, feel like they form some sort of intangible community of similar souls who share the same interests and passions, you read the things they write about and you’re inspired by what inspires them, that’s special isn’t it? Sometimes I wish there was a way to connect – but then there’s always the thought that the persona you see online is wholly different from the real person behind it, and the nagging fear that you’d be disappointed to meet them (not that I think I’d be disappointed to meet the people I follow, because otherwise I wouldn’t follow them quite so religiously) But sometimes I think it’s that way with me, that if you all ever met me you’d be sorely disappointed by my wholly uncool regular self….. but since I don’t think I’ve ever really met any of my anonymous readers I suppose my wholly uncool regular self is safe from scrutiny (for the moment anyway).

I know, entirely random thoughts rambling on in a seemingly random direction but there’s a point! My friend (can I call you that if I don’t even know you? Or do I actually know you and didn’t even know I knew you – in which case that’s so tricksy of you!), the lovely girlontheave shared this pretty pretty picture on her blog a little while back, and now all I want to do is throw a Cheese Party, like the one they did over at Sunday Suppers (another fabulous blog I’m now religiously reading about two cooks in the big apple – their adventures to the farmer’s market always make me long to be back at Vass and shopping at the Thursday Farmer’s market & Adam’s). Yes folks, a Cheese Party, not a wine & Cheese Party, but a CHEESE PARTY. Who’s with me?

But this is what I mean by being inspired by what inspires them and wishing there was a way to connect. I’m now trying to figure out how to recreate this beautiful setting at home and at work as well, anyone has any idea on where to find cake stands and pretty platters in Singapore? If you do you’re welcome to join, I’ll bring the cheese!

Credit: Sunday Suppers
Link via girlontheave