Christmas Brunch was a hoot!

And the kitchen was certainly a riot.

The Feast for a Beast:

[To make chronicling this Christmas Brunch easy, the winners are in RED]

Billy the BUtterball with Cranberry Sauce and Apple celery & chestnut stuffing on the side, Christmas Ham with Homemade apple sauce, Sunday Roast with Veal Jus Gravy, Shepherd’s Pie, Pate with crackers & figs, two kinds of Stuffed Shrooms (pancetta & sundried tomatoes), Blinis topped with Caviar & Blinis topped with Smoked salmon+chives, Shiyuet’s Mushroom Soup, Garlic mashed potatoes, Christmas cupcakes, Drea’s Army of Gingerbread men, Cremini toasts, Spinach + Goatcheese tarts, Sundried tomatoes + kalamata olive filling in filo pastry, Rachel’s homemade corn muffins, Slow roasted vegetables, Willin Low’s Spam Fries, Caprese Salad, Italian Panettone, Assorted Christmas cookies, Fruit cognac + icecream, Caramelized Shallots on toast, Drea’s Gingerbread Tree, Lychee Martinis, Bubbly & a helluva lot of wine. Whew!

And to all the little beastlets that came to feast: Thanks for caring enough to share our Christmas brunch, and being such willing guinea pigs in my kitchen experiments! We absolutely loved having you all, and thank you so much for re-stocking my wine chiller, a special shout out to HUISTERS who lugged home not one but two bottles of my favourite californian white love you forever! The fridge is fat and full and all ready to ring in the New Year’s :)

So here’s a toast to good food, great friends, a fabulous family, and a very Merry Christmas indeed :)

To: the year 2010

To: Food
To: Love
To: Laughs


p.s. Please email/leave a comment if you want the recipes, I’ll be more than happy to share :) It just takes too much time to upload them all here.