You’ll be happy to know that after some work, my wardrobe is finally starting to shape up and look sharp! Cleaning out the crap, or at least vac-packing it away to save for a later date, really helped the situation. So now all the tutus and the cheerleading outfits and costumes and vintage beaded gowns are safely stored away for that unforeseen future event when I’ll be able to whip them out at a moment’s notice. Clearly, I’m a little pack-rat who doesn’t believe in throwing things away.

Anyway, in addition to those three simple steps, I had a couple other tips from all over that really helped me clean things up.

Pick out the key pieces and make sure they get prime real estate (so you can max out their opportunities).
I’ve got my eye on these for the party circuit season: my sister’s awesome-possum prom dress by Thread Social (who says you can’t borrow the best pieces in your wardrobe?), bling bling blinding rings, and my brand new ruffle-shouldered work dress from mango. They’re all getting a lot of air time (I’m not one of those people who cares too much about wearing the same thing twice, if it works, I’m in it).


How to make a statement? Accessorize! These gems are what make your outfit uniquely yours, put them on display and consider them everyday. They are the mouthpiece of your style and personality! I’m a big fan of armor, ballet flats with bling & things, and bags in bright hues.

The fail safes i.e. the things you reach for when you’ve woken up late and hungover and you don’t have time to think. There’s a reason why it’s called Fool-Proof Fashion. In this category: the seal the deal work dress, the stunning little more-often-than-not black dress for a night out (really girls, this one should be your numero uno big purchase – buy something flattering but fun – mine’s got a skirt with a mind of its own that poufs out like frizzy hair on a humid day and I love it to death, I can’t imagine how I managed before it!), the tailored white shirt that fits to a T (still hunting for mine!), the wear-over-anything blazer, and the make my ass look awesome dammit! jeans


What are your basics? Keep them happy and healthy (not balled up in some corner wrinkled and forgotten), they form the foundation of your wardrobe so keep them sharp. I am deeply devoted to JBrand 10″ skinnies, F21 V-neck teeshirts (USD$5) which I can never seem to find in SG, boyshorts by Gap Body (or Marks&Sparks), plastic-frame glasses by Lafont and Stella by Tocca (yes, perfume is a basic).

It’s a work in progress of course, I haven’t gotten round to creating pretty labels for the different cupboards and drawers, and I haven’t committed to those wooden hangers from Ikea cos they take up too much space, and I’d like to get trays customized for my accessories so they won’t slide around so much…. but I’m doing this little by little one step at a time and I’m happy with what I have so far :)

Finally, this last one is a healthy habit I need to pick up in order to attain true closet nirvana. I’ll let you know the next time I’m spring-cleaning in case any of you are interested in picking up some new-to-you pieces.