A little overdue but it must be said. It was a night of eating till we were near bursting, of drinking till we were silly, of laughing till we were giddy and crooning to the wee hours of the morning. It was about more than sharing a meal (though I am immensely grateful for friends and family who bravely and blindly tried everything on the table – thanks for the vote of cooking-confidence folks!) It was a celebration of all the good things that food can bring, and a timely reminder that the best meals are those shared with loved ones. I am so happy the holiday season is here, cos it means there will be many more meals to share with all of you!

To the boys, thanks for the many many bottles of wine, and to the girls, thanks for the scrumptious sumptuous contributions! It really doesn’t get better than this – till Christmas that is.*

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for friends who love to eat, friends who love to drink, and friends who support and suffer through my mad kitchen antics.

*And don’t you just love that holiday? Dawn’s got me feeling all festive with her constant tweeting about carols and christmas trees. I’ve already gotten started on my Christmas post and a meal is in the making so expect the invites in your inbox(s) soon :) And to Chuat, Fokface and Huisters – come hell or high water you’d better show your pretty faces cos I miss you so!