A Saturday well spent: Sentosa with the puppies for some fun in the sun and swimming lessons for the lot of them. That stretch is pooch central! So many pooches playing and frolicking in the sand and sea. Loves it :) Met a man with 4 schnauzers whose a regular there on weekends and takes all of them swimming. Just imagine! Little dogs bobbing along and paddling ahead of their owner, too cute!

BFFs :)

Winston in series. Sorry, had to put all of them up to make getting wet worth it. Dopey over here decided it would be a great idea to shake it off right next to me and the dlsr.

Tina truly channeling Ms Turner.

Pebbles. Being chill. This is why she’s my dog :)

Dopey is also messy. Thank god he’s blessed with good looks.

Stopped by the Shack for some beers (for the boys) and a strawberry margarita for me before heading home. Pebbles was a huge hit, she wandered far and wide and made lots of friends :) This puppy play date also turned out to be an impromptu photoshoot. Got all sandy trying to get shots of these wiggly little buggers. But super fun nonetheless. Can’t wait to do this again!