So when C told me S had invited her to dinner with Giuseppe Zanotti I promptly flipped out, died and was consumed by raging jealousy cos I think the man makes absolutely marvelous shoes and seeing as how I have a huuuuge shoe fetish it would make sense for me to want to meet one of my idols no? Anyway, so she tried to wiggle me an invite on the basis of she’s saving like a fiend to buy her first pair of your shoes but alas, apparently many other women also admire him and his wondrous creations and unlike me have already bought multiple pairs of his designs and smart marketing people say no to little savers like me as seats are based on sales. I was crushed.


Anyway, so C got to meet the marvelous man himself – over a lovely dinner at Opera Gallery where the food was fabulous and the ladies lavished attention on GZ and checked out each others’ footwear (what would you do in a situation like that where you’re definitely going to turn up wearing the same pair of shoes as at least one other person!?!) – and told him about my sorry plight (she’s in love with your devastatingly beautiful shoes which are equally devastating to her bank account balance) and guess what……..




Signed, sealed, (though not delivered) by the marvelous man himself!



p.s. I do believe in fairytales cos I’ve got my very own fairygodmother :)

Edit: They are freaking limited edition. And his very first eco-friendly pair made of organic levis denim, cork and vintage crystal. I die.