We’re suffering some (minor) setbacks, such as cracks in tile (backyard), holes drilled into floor in the wrong place (living room), lighting issues (warm light or white light), the electrical room flooded (okay, so the last one is not by any stretch of the imagination a minor setback but calling it major makes me feel like it’s never going to happen)… but this means MORE TIME TO PLAN! I love planning. Especially for things that I don’t actually need to plan for! It’s like when you have to study and you convince yourself that reorganizing your desk and filing all those damn handouts&notes and arranging all your pens by colour size and shape will help you study better when reallyyyy…….. *cough*LEGS*cough*


Anyhoos, I finally saw my work space and I love it! It’s still a work in progress (ahem Tsuda-san, my desk!), but it’s at the stage where you have a pretty good idea of how it’s going to turn out. There’s some seriously beautiful floor to ceiling shelving with dividers in between to make it look like irregular cubby holes which I’m going to fill up with books, and photos and various paraphernalia (such as my vintage typewriter and a painting from charmaine and porcelain flower-shaped measuring cups and bejeweled candelabras and a little blue plastic piggy bank) of which I have an obscene amount. Hopefully I’ll have enough self-control to leave a few empty, or less adorned, so that the patterned wallpaper from Miss Spiro (dusky rose geometric patterns!) can be seen. There’s a little desk built into the middle of it so I can sit in the happy company of my books (which have finally arrived from the USofA!) and knickknacks and nonsense, while I click click click on my imac (WooOOOOooOO!!!! This post is brought to you by my brand new 24″ baby) and while away my time oohing and aahing at pretty little things on the world wide web.

Credits: Country living, Black&Spiro, Amazon, decor8, Real Simple.