My crummy old coffee mug (okay, it’s not even mine since all my pottery is still packed away in crates, I found this ugly little bugger in the pantry) is suffering from a serious case of envy thanks to Miss Becker over at Decor8. She’s made this mediocre morning all better by sharing the very talented Samantha Robinson’s pretty porcelain with the rest of us little worker ants stuck in cubicles around the globe.


Her porcelain and pottery is all bright and light and chirpy, with flowers and patterns and prints. I want a coffee cup for work – just seeing it on my desk in the morning would make the whole day go better, and a teacup on my shelf at home by my books. It doesn’t even have to be filled with tea, I’d use it for flowers or to keep little odds and ends or to dump my keys into so I don’t lose them (I’m always losing them).


So Yayy! for the internet and Yayy! for Decor8 who cares to share and Yayy! for Samantha Robinson and her pretty porcelain who needs to find a way to ship internationally, or at the very least to Melbs so I can beg and cajole the peeps over there to bring them home for me….. (hehe Hi Ulynn! *wave wave*)