I’m on a design/interior-decor bend as you can probably tell. There’s just too many ideas running through my head and too many things I wantWantWANT to do/use/have in the new space. But seeing as how I only get a room (and not 4 houses) to do up, self-restraint is absolutely key, otherwise my plan for marvelously mismatched is likely to turn into just plain old mismatched. So I threw out the old plan of whimsy (too fussy) and instead opted for a somewhat cute a little bit chaotic but marvelously mismatched non-theme. So much better yes? (And easier too!) This way I can sort of have everything I want, just in measured doses. So there will be prints and patterned-wallpaper paired with simple but unique pieces of furniture, a chandelier in the bathroom (maybe) and book cases that run the length of the room (for all my books and barang-barang), throw in lots of bright colour and abundant natural light (shouldn’t be a problem with the floor to ceiling glass on one wall) and a scattering of odds and ends (good for me cos they will be scattered regardless of whether or not I want them to be) and it should be good to go. Will update as we move along.

p.s. That couch? Yeah that one, in the bottom right, yes you’re looking at it. It’s from Anna Spiro. Yeah, you love it? So do I. And guess what? I have it.

*gleeful look*

Credit: Papersource. Famillesummerbelle. SamanthaRobinson. RealSimple. AtelierEvaJuliet. Black&Spiro.