For first introducing me to the wonderful little hideaway that is The Little Owl. Long before it was a hit with the NYTimes and Zagat, you gave me a fantastic food review on your blog and won me over with a picture of something scrumptious. This is precisely why I love to read blogs both big and small cos they always point you in the right direction of something wonderful.




There’s no better way to start your day (and end your stay) than with melon-puree prosecco, strawberry-lemonade champagne, meatball sliders, yummy burgers, warm service and the company of best friends. We lingered long after all the other diners were gone, but the proprietor didn’t mind. While the staff folded napkins and arranged flowers for dinner we indulged in aimless girly chatter for as long as our little hearts desired. You’ll be pleased to know I spent my very last weekend brunch in the city there and it was simply delightful! See you soon in singers.